Today You Can Help a Family Fight Breast Cancer


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Bottom-Line: I need your help TODAY (and TODAY only!) to help the Ellie Fund win a national competition being sponsored by Help the Ellie Fund win its share of $30,000 in prize money.

A couple weeks ago I praised Boston-based Ellie Fund for their commitment to one thing:

The Ellie Fund is focusing its light on the challenges women face living with breast cancer. They support them with transportation to medical appointments, childcare, housekeeping, groceries and meals. The organization’s executive director, Julie Nations, knows her one thing and is mustering all her power to light the way for these women.

The Ellie Fund is a great organization and its laser-like focus on serving women with breast cancer is a model to other organizations. But when John and I were talking about the spotlight the Ellie Fund shines on women with cancer, and our participation with Twive and Receive, both of us wanted to illuminate an area that’s normally in the shadows.

That’s why we chose the amazing children for whom breast cancer is just as difficult and scary, and who show extra-ordinary calm and courage when a mother is stricken.

John and I want to honor these superhero boys and girls with Twive and Receive. While Julie and her team are focused on women with breast cancer, the services they provide have many benefits for kids. If nothing else, the Ellie Fund preserves some sense of normalcy for these children and gives them hope that everything might just turn out all right.

John and I are proud to be working with The Ellie Fund on Twive and Receive. We believe that Julie, her team, their clients and, of course, their superhero kids, represent the very best of Boston. Our city was founded on the belief that a group of dedicated citizens could carve out a better life and world for themselves, and be a model to others.

The Ellie Fund embodies that belief, and is a shining example of what it really means to give and receive. Please give today.

Support the Ellie Fund Now!

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Support the Ellie Fund Now!