Going Off the Sheep End

404491_2"Be still my bleating heart," I chuckled to my wife. "Aren't I clever?"

"Clever?", she scoffed. "Clever is the person that thought to turn sheep into grazing billboards. She's making money and got a picture in the The New York Times."

Ouch. Love you too, hunny.

After the sting of spousal betrayal wore off, I got to thinking how right she was. In cause marketing you're only as clever as you are successful in raising money and getting visibility for your organization. In that regard, I have a lot to learn.

And I learn something every day from these excellent blogs.

  • Getting Attention. One of my favorites. Read Nancy Schwartz's blog and check out the articles on her web site. After reading them you'll want to send Nancy a check, which I bet she'll appreciate since she's stuck with my IOU.
  • New Millennium PR. Andrea Weckerle's primary focus is public relations, but she also writes about marketing and Internet communications. And there's not a better linker in the blogosphere than Andrea. Read, click and learn.
  • Marketing Monger. If you prefer listening to reading, check out Eric Mattson's pod-blog. He's interviewed some great marketers and has plans to log a 1,000 interviews!
  • Phatgnat. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to DK's e-mail bulletin. I didn't realize what I was missing about trends in youth marketing until I did.
  • Seth's Blog. Slightly better known than the esteemed marketers mentioned above, author Seth Godin is as smart as he is funny. Be sure to download his latest e-book for nonprofits.

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