Ep166: This Causepreneur Has Found the Right 'Good-to-Greed' Ratio

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Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan I talk to Hil Davis, founder of BeautyKind, an online retailer where consumers can shop prestige beauty brands while raising funds for charitable causes.

Launched In November 2014, BeautyKind is an online beauty retailer with charitable giving at its core. Customers can shop their favorite beauty, hair, fragrance and skin care brands, while directing five percent of every purchase to causes of their choice, whether that is a local cause or a national organization.

On the show, Megan, Hil and I discuss:

Hil Davis, BeautyKind

Hil Davis, BeautyKind

  • Hil's unique journey from Alabama to culinary school to starting his own beauty brand.
  • Hil's opinion on why cause businesses like his are becoming so popular.
  • How BeautyKind works. The site has "featured causes" but consumers can support any nonprofit they want - so long as it qualifies as a 501c3.
  • How are brands working with BeautyKind? Is it just another place to move product, or do they see value in your cause-focus?
  • How important is the cause component to BeautyKind's business? "You need a 'Good to Greed' ratio."
  • How BeautyKind has created a retention engine with its cause focus and aggressive loyalty program.
  • How are the best charities performing on BeautyKind? What's the secret to their success?
  • How BeautyKind is morphing into a public company with a public offering that will involve small investors and allow BK to expand its cause mission.
  • BeautyKind's plans to expand their community with events and, eventually, physical stores.
  • Hil's advice for aspiring causepreneurs.

Show Notes