11 Tools I Use Every Day to Run My Business

Photo via Dean Shareski on Flickr.

Photo via Dean Shareski on Flickr.

People often ask me what tools I use to run my business. Here they are! I use these tools EVERY. DAY.

1. Squarespace. My website is hosted on Squarespace. While it's not a perfect platform, and I would sometimes like more of the flexibility that Wordpress offers, Squarespace is easy to work with and their customer service is great.

2. Tweetdeck. I wouldn't want to look at my Twitter feed on anything else. I segment most of my followers into one of two columns, a "Watch" list or an "Influencer" list. Which one are YOU on? 😉

3. Canva. If I want to edit or layer some text on an image, I head over to Canva. I also do all my slides in Canva.

4. Convertkit. I send my email newsletter out through ConvertKit so I'm always looking at it for open rates or to track new subscribers. They also have great customer service. 

5. Pocket. I read online most of the day. It's one of my favorite things to do! I put everything I want to save into Pocket.

6. Trello. I'm a new user but I'm liking it a lot. When I find something online that I want to read about but want to add a few notes to attach to it, I use Trello.

7. Buffer. I schedule all my social media updates to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook through Buffer. It's a steal at ten bucks a month. The customer service is great and they also publish some great content.

8. Simplenote. If I'm having a meeting and want to take a few notes I fire up Simplenote on my laptop or phone and type away.

9. Pinterest. Whenever I find a cool cause marketing campaign I want to remember and share with all of you, I click on the Pinterest bookmarklet on my laptop and add it to one of my boards.

10. Remember the Milk. I keep track of my to-do list on RTM. I've been using it for years and it gets the job done!

11. vCita. Most of you love it, but some of you hate it! But whenever you go to my site and send me a message or book an appointment with me you go through vCita. 

Do you use any of these tools? If you've tried others tools and liked them better, I'd love to hear what they are!


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