Lead: MillerCoors


Services: Manufacturing

Geographic Scope: Multi-National

Revenue: $500 Million - $1 Billion

Number of Employees: 10K - 20K

Business Structure: Public Compay

Board Members: Gavin Hattersley, Peter Coors, Nick Fell, David Heede, Alan Clark, Samuel Walker, Celso White, Tony van Kralingen, Mark Hunter.

Address: 250 South Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60606

Phone Number: 800.645.5376

Website: www.MillerCoors.com

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Company Description

Beer is one of life’s simple pleasures. Our ambition is to become the First Choice for Consumers and Customers. To get there, we know we have to meet expectations, then exceed them. We’re committed to creating the best team in beer. It takes a diverse group of innovators, thought leaders, problem solvers and influencers to deliver results and make cool ideas a reality. We grow skills on the job and in the classroom with our award-winning MillerCoors University. And no matter your needs, our benefits are competitive and the perks are many. From family leave and dependent care, to flexible work options and even allowances for free beer, our people are rewarded with more than just a paycheck. 

Charitable Focus & Programs

We make it a priority to support our employees and the communities where we live, work and sell our beer. That's why we're committed to engaging and investing in our employees, businesses and neighbors. After all, without great people brewing our beer and great communities to enjoy our beer, we couldn’t exist as a company.

Alcohol Responsibilty

At MillerCoors, we believe Alcohol Responsibility is essential to our sustainability as a company because of government regulation, societal expectation, and our own determination to grow our business the right way. Our commitment to Alcohol Responsibility is rooted in our 7 Core Alcohol Beliefs:

1. With great beer, comes great responsibility

2. Our beers are enjoyed responsibly by millions of adults every day

3. We engage consumers and stakeholders and work collectively with them to promote responsible enjoyment of our products

4. We care about the harmful effects of irresponsible alcohol consumption

5. Alcohol consumption is for legal age adults and is a matter of individual judgment and accountability

6. We ensure that our marketing practices comply with laws, regulations and voluntary advertising and marketing codes

7. Our company culture values alcohol responsibility and our employees model high

We have established a detailed strategic plan for alcohol responsibility that includes training, marketing, advertising, sponsorships and partnerships. The plan addresses issues and opportunities for our consumers, employees, distributors and retailers. Our most visible programs encourage consumers to make smart choices, such as drinking moderately and safely, without harming others, and planning ahead for a safe ride home. We also work closely with our distributor partners and communities to help them limit underage access to alcohol.

Environmental Responsibility

We recognize that we have a great responsibility for the way we brew our beers. From water usage and packaging sustainability to brewery waste and energy consumption, we are always looking for ways to lessen our impact on the environment. We strive to make more beer while using less water and nearly 100% of our brewery waste is reused or recycled. Our environmental sustainability commitments span across every aspect of our business – from the grain that is a vital ingredient in our beers to the glass that holds the finished product for our consumers.

We recognize that we have a responsibility, but it is also a shared responsibility. We hope that you're interested in what MillerCoors is doing to make the world a better place. And, we hope it inspires you to look for ways that you can be responsible to yourself, your family, your community and the world around you. We've hope that you'll join us in some of our efforts - like water conservation and preventing drunk driving. We also hope you'll tell us other ways that you think you can make a difference - by simply asking What Will You Do To Help? Maybe you're already doing something great that you'd like to share with us. If so, send us an e-mail. We'd love to hear from you - maybe we can help!

Great People and Communities

Our employees, suppliers and communities each play a vital role in making us who we are. To support these groups, our people and communities strategy focuses on three areas: Diversity and inclusion; Supporting diverse suppliers; and Investing in our communities. We believe it's important to celebrate the diversity of our workforce and supply chain. We also dedicate our time and resources to improving the environmental and social conditions in our brewing communities. 2020 Goal: Fostering a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace We are dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. Succeeding in today’s competitive business environment requires a diverse team of innovators, thought leaders, problem-solvers and influencers committed to growth and delivering results.

One of MillerCoors 2020 goals is to increase diversity among management, with women comprising 35 percent and people of color comprising 21 percent, respectively.

As of December 31, 2015, MillerCoors management was comprised of 28 percent women and 17 percent people of color.

2020 Goal: Spending with Diverse Suppliers. Our employees, communities and suppliers each play a vital role in making us who we are. We believe it’s important to celebrate the diversity of our workforce and supply chain. We are actively engaged with 1,258 diverse suppliers including woman- and minority owned businesses. In 2015, we increased our spending with diverse suppliers by 1 percent to $529 million. Since 2008, our cumulative spending with diverse suppliers has totaled more than $3.48 billion, bringing us closer to our 2020 goal of spending $5.1 billion.

2020 Goal: Investing in our Brewing Communities. By 2020, our goal is to invest a cumulative total of $137 million in our brewing communities through corporate and employee donations. In 2015, MillerCoors donated more than $11.8 million to nonprofits (comprised of in-kind and monetary donations) and our employees volunteered 55,834 hours in their communities. Since 2008, our investment totals more than $94.2 million, including a $2.3 million donation to United Way in 2015.

Brewing a Sustainable Future At MillerCoors. We define sustainability as making a positive and meaningful impact on the social, environmental and economic issues that affect our business, employees and other stakeholders. By sharpening our focus on the positive impact we can create, we are challenging ourselves to build upon our heritage and advance our commitment to sustainability.

Our sustainability strategy, Great Beer Great Responsibility, has three pillars:

Great Times: Promote and protect the responsible enjoyment and marketing of beer. 

Great Environment: Embed environmental stewardship in the way we operate.

Great People & Communities: Empower our employees, suppliers and communities.

Consumer Philanthropic Affinities

  • Health

  • Animals

  • Human & Civil Rights

  • Environment

Nonprofit Affinities

  • Beard Foundation
  • Heritage Foundation
  • PETA
  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
  • NRA
  • AB Foundation
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • Human Rights Campaign

Current Charitable Partners

  • Miller Lite Tap the Future
  • United Performing Arts Fund        
  • Shedd Aquarium
  • Emily Griffith Technical College
  • MillerCoors Water Quality Management Program
  • United Way
  • Traxion
  • Cara
  • Great Water Month
  • The Women’s Foundation of Colorado
  • Chicago Unite

MillerCoors is proud to call Chicago our home. Chicago is a culture-rich and diverse city with world- class performing arts, professional sports and an amazing water way and lakefront. We want our hometown communities to thrive, which is why we direct our investments where it’s needed most, toward economic empowerment, civic leadership and water stewardship. A few examples of our nonprofit partnerships include:

Chicago United: MillerCoors partners with Chicago United in its efforts to promote multiracial- leadership in business and economic opportunity. We support their Five Forward program that helps minority owned companies build their business acumen while developing strategic business ties within the community.

Cara: MillerCoors strengthen communities through economic empowerment by partnering with organizations like Cara. Through their rigorous program, Cara inspires motivated individuals to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty by transforming their lives and forging a path toward successful job placement and retention.

Shedd Aquarium: As part of our water stewardship strategy, MillerCoors partners with the Shedd Aquarium to help raise public awareness and develop solutions for the city’s conservation challenges. During Water Stewardship Month in September 2015, MillerCoors Chicago-area employees rolled-up their sleeves and partnered with the Shedd to remove nearly 1,000 pounds of trash from the shores of Lake Michigan.

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