Lead: Big Lots


Services: Retailer

Geographic Scope: National

Revenue: $1.1B - $10B

Number of Employees: 11,400 

Board Members: 

Philip E. Mallott, Russell E. Solt, Jeffrey P. Berger, James R. Chambers, Marla C. Gottschalk, David J. Campisi, Cynthia Todd Jamison, Nancy A. Reardon, Wendy Lee Schoppert

Address: 300 Philipi Road, Columbus, OH 43228

Website: BigLots.com

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Big Lots's giving is impressive! It also points to the kind of opportunity that awaits cause marketers. My experience with discount retailers is they possess great wealth.

  • There are many regional players, and they have yet to be picked over by the larger charities.
  • They are generally privately owned and engaged in the community so it's easier to access key decision makers, like the owner. (Take the example of Ocean State Job Lots in New England and Marc's in Ohio.)
  • Cause marketing is just the beginning with these retailers. A partnership can lead to a major gift from the owner. (Read about my experiences with Ocean State Job Lot in the quick links above.)

Obviously, some type of point-of-sale program would be most lucrative with discount retailers. In December 2016, Ocean State Job Lots raised over $400,000 for charity with a point-sale campaign.

Is there a mid-size discount retailer in your area? It's worth checking! Let me know if you need some help.

Company Description

Big Lots believes that a product's shelf life depends solely on which shelf it's on. The company is North America's #1 broadline closeout retailer, with more than 1,400 Big Lots stores in 47 US states. It sells a variety of brand-name products, including food and other consumables, furniture, housewares, seasonal items and toys, that have been overproduced, returned, discontinued, or result from liquidations, typically at 20%-40% below discounters' prices. Its wholesale division sells its discounted merchandise to a variety of retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and other wholesalers.

Customer Profile

Gender: Female


  • 36-50

  • 51 - 65

Family Status:

  • Single Female With Children

  • Female and Others With Children

  • Male and Female With Children

  • Married With Children


  • African American
  • Native American
  • White

Household Income:

  • All Incomes


  • Homemaker

  • Management


  • Football NFL Enthusiast

  • WWE

  • Right Leaning Politics

Charitable Programs

Big Lots cares about the community, and that’s why we’re donating time, money, and other resources to non-profit organizations across the country. Through the Big Lots Foundation, our associates come together and give big! Our giving priorities include supporting programs and 501(c)3 organizations in the areas of healthcare, housing, hunger, and education, especially those serving women and children. Our giving takes place throughout the United States where we operate stores, distribution centers, and our corporate office. Our associates volunteer year round to make a difference in the lives of families and children across the nation. In the first year of the foundation:

  • 656 associates volunteered more than 1,500 hours.
  • Raised more than $2 million among our vendor community to support Big Lots charities.
  • Raised $2.2 million via a point of sale donation campaign to benefit Nationwide Children’s Hospital.
  • 39 Big Lots associates raised more than $40,000 to support Pelotonia and cancer research at Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Consumer Philanthropic Affinities

  • Health

  • Human & Civil Rights

  • Human Services

Nonprofit Affinities

  1. DAV
  2. Cleveland Clinic
  3. Black Girls Rock
  4. Alzheimer’s Association
  5. ASPCA
  6. Feeding America
  7. Johns Hopkins Medicine
  8. Samaritan’s Purse
  9. No Kid Hungry
  10. American Heart Association

CSR Focus

  • Health

  • Education

Current Charitable Partners

  • Nationwide Children’s Hospital
  • Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center

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