Lead: Hannaford Bros.



Services:  Retail, Drug Store, Grocery & Supermarket  

Geographic Scope: Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, upstate New York and Vermont.

Revenue:  $2 - $5 billion (USD) per year

Employees:  10,000+ employees

Business Structure: Subsidiary and business segment of Belgium’s Delhaize Group.

Address & Phone:

145 Pleasant Hill Rd
Scarborough, ME 04074

Website: Hannaford.com

Quick Links:

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Hannaford Program Donates More Than $1 Million to Fight Hunger in Northeast

Bag Sales Generate Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Support for Local Organizations

Rivals to Target: Supermarket Chains in the United States (You can organize this list by name and state)

Analysis: On paper, supermarkets appear to be a cause marketer's dream. Most supermarket chains have lots of stores and tons of foot traffic. When I first started fundraising with supermarkets we raised $1,000 per store for each week of the fundraiser! That means even with a small chain of 25 stores we raised $25,000 per week. That was the heyday of supermarket fundraising - and it's long gone.

Today, supermarket cause marketing isn't as successful - and for a few different reasons.

  • The supermarket business is cutthroat with plenty of competition and thin margins. Individual stores aren't as busy as they used to be and it shows in the frontline cashiers who are overworked and underpaid.
  • Registers are cluttered with promotions of all types. It's hard for charities to stand out.
  • Cashiers are uneducated and listless and not the best face for your organization.
  • Many supermarkets went completely overboard with fundraising and promoted a different program every week. They wore customers out! Some supermarket have sworn off cause marketing completely and never ask customers to donate. Others have dramatically scaled back their programs.

The key with supermarkets these days is to focus on chains that still recognize the value of cause marketing but also know that a little goes a long way. Take the example of North Carolina based chain Food Lion. They've reduced their register fundraisers to just one per year and strived to diversify their fundraising with purchase-triggered donation programs, vendor programs and employee volunteering. This mix has really worked for Food Lion!

Smartly, Food Lion has also reduced the number of charities they support. Most of the money they raise goes to local Feeding America food banks in the communities in which they have stores.

I can't more strongly suggest that you listen to our interview with Food Lion on CauseTalk Radio. It's full of great insights on how supermarkets can raise money for good causes and launch programs that customers actually enjoy!

Company Description

Hannaford Bros. may have started as a fruit and vegetable stand in 1883, but it has expanded from its Maine roots to become an upscale grocer with 180-plus stores under the Hannaford Supermarkets banner throughout Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, upstate New York, and Vermont. Still, produce continues to be a major focus at the Hannaford supermarkets, as are expansive meat selections and natural food products. About 80% of the Hannaford stores are combination grocery stores and pharmacies. The stores average about 47,800 sq. ft. Maine's largest supermarket chain, Hannaford Bros. is owned by Delhaize America (parent of Food Lion), which in turn is owned by Belgium's Delhaize Group.

Consumer Profile

Meet Jessica

As the quintessential Gen X mom, Jessica is a homemaker with young kids under age 10 at home. Her husband is in a management position with previous military affiliations. As a family, they love to hike, run and cycle. Jessica enjoys gardening and entertaining friends, and is a super shopper – with her purchases mostly including toys, baby products and apparel for the entire family.

Consumer Philanthropic Affinities

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Charitable Focus & Programs

Hannaford limits event and sponsorship support to the five states where they operate: Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont. Organizations focused on health and wellness, child development and families and/or hunger relief receive their strongest consideration.

Key Initiatives 

Hannaford Helps Fight Hunger

As a food retailer, Hannaford has long-standing relationships with food banks and local food pantries — they donate food and healthcare products every week. Hannaford Helps Fight Hunger was established in 2008 to help food banks feed individuals and families in need. The program is a powerful collaborative partnership with their customers and their suppliers to create opportunities for easy donations of food and cash right in our stores. One hundred percent of these donations go straight to local pantries, regional food banks, and anti-hunger organizations.

Since 2008, Hannaford Helps Fight Hunger has contributed a total of more than $6.5 million in food, customer cash gifts and Hannaford cash donations to local food pantries and food banks.

Across Hannaford's five–state market area, the Hannaford Helps Fight Hunger campaign in 2015 donated:

  • More than 98,900 Hannaford Helps Fight Hunger boxes, which were contributed to local food pantries and meal programs
  • $60,500 that customers contributed at the check-out registers
  • More than $65,000 in product through our buy-one give-one program, which included 4,444 cases of grocery staples

Look for Hannaford Helps Fight Hunger programs to start in October, giving consumers 3 ways to make a difference in the community:

  • Hannaford Helps Fight Hunger boxes: For just $10 consumers can donate a box filled with food staples that local pantries need most.
  • Register Donation: Consumers can donate cash at registers that will go directly to regional and state food banks.
  • Buy 1, Give 1: When consumers purchase specific items during our Buy 1, Give 1 campaign, Hannaford match your purchase with donations to the nearest food bank.

Hannaford Helps Schools

Since its inception, Hannaford Helps Schools has raised more than $10 million for schools in New England and New York.  4 Products = 3 School Dollars. If 100 families buy 4 products each week (3 school dollars) for the entire program, their school will raise $3,900!

Hannaford Charitable Foundation

The Hannaford Charitable Foundation (HCF) was formed in 1994, and over the past 20 years, the Foundation has given over $14 million to support nonprofit organizations. The Hannaford Charitable Foundation is one of a number of ways in which Hannaford Supermarkets supports its communities, including United Way support, the Hannaford Scholarship program, in store promotions, as well as specific programs such as Hannaford Helps Fight Hunger and local community events and sponsorships.

The mission of the Foundation is to invest in creating and sustaining healthy communities in the five-state area of their business. They do so through providing financial support to nonprofit organizations and programs that focus on improvement of the root causes impacting the quality of life for their customers, associates, and neighbors.  Their areas of focus for financial support are Food, Education, and Health.

The foundation supports organizations in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York and Vermont that focus on one of the following core components of healthy communities:

  • Food – Safe, stable access to healthy food is a critical component of a healthy community. HCF supports programs in longer-term solutions that will ensure safe, stable access to healthy food primarily through regional food banks in the markets we serve.
  • Education – Hannaford is committed to preparing their customers and neighbors for success by helping to deliver strong programs to prepare people through all stages of life for success in education and readiness to enter the workforce.
  • Health – They promote the health of residents in their communities through organizations that provide quality programs focusing on promoting healthy lifestyles and improved care.

In determining which organizations and programs to support, the Foundation considers the impact and outcomes to the community, prior support from HCF, and relative uniqueness of the program versus others in the community. Preference for funding is given to those that have the potential of providing ongoing services for a large segment of our customer base and communities.

Notable Nonprofit Partners

Various local food banks, schools, universities and health programs.

Funding & Partnership Guidelines

Local Store Support

Is your organization seeking a $25 gift card to use as a raffle item at your next fundraising event? Do you need a gift basket as a door prize, spaghetti for that spaghetti supper or cups and napkins for your event? All requests for local support valued at $100 or less should be addressed to the Store Manager at your local Hannaford.

Regional or Corporate Donation/Sponsorship Requests

Requests for support greater than $100 should be apply here.

  • For requests to support scheduled events, they require that applications be submitted at least eight (8) weeks prior to the event.
  • For your request to be considered your organization's focus and event (if applicable) must fall under one or more of their priority giving areas: health and wellness, child development and families, and/or hunger relief.
  • They ask that each organization submit no more than one request per calendar year. 

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