Are You Ready for the Future of Corporate Partnerships?

Photo via Miradortigre on Flickr

Photo via Miradortigre on Flickr

I’m excited to be speaking at The Future of Corporate Partnerships Conference in London on May 16th! 

This conference will take an in depth look into what’s changing in corporate partnerships, what today’s companies are looking for in a partnership and how to make the most of the new opportunities available.

If you’re a regular reader of Selfish Giving, you know that this is exactly what my speciality is: knowing what works best in the present, but also scanning the horizon and identifying the next big opportunity in win-win partnerships.

During my 40 minute keynote presentation, How to Raise Ridiculous Amounts of Money from Businesses with Win-Win Partnerships, I’ll be discussing:

  • What exactly is cause marketing? How does it differ from sponsorship and other forms of corporate giving? And why cause marketing is the #1 way to raise money from companies.
  • What are the most successful and lucrative cause marketing strategies? If you’re not focused on these key fundraisers, you’re simply wasting your time.
  • How cause marketing is changing and how to prepare yourself for the coming Goodpocalypse - a golden age of good for some, the end of the road for others.
  • The four horsemen of the Goodpocalypse that you need to tame in order to raise more money from EVERYONE, including businesses. I also call these the “Four Firsts” - the four things your nonprofit needs to prioritize in order to be successful over the next decade.
  • Why corporate partnerships may be the future of nonprofit fundraising, and the business case for focusing on companies now!
  • My simple, two-step process for becoming a powerful magnet for all forms of giving, including business giving. 

You’ll leave my presentation with a clear roadmap on how to raise THE MOST money from businesses. You’ll also have the insights you need to adapt your fundraising for the coming storm of giving!

Here’s the great news: you’ll have more than my presentation to guide you. After my presentation, you’ll also have FULL ACCESS:

  • FULL ACCESS to all my articles, posts and books on cause marketing. 
  • FULL ACCESS to over 4,000 examples of cause marketing partnerships, organized by partnership type. You’ll have an encyclopedia of inspiration and learning at your fingertips.
  • FULL ACCESS to me! I’ll show you how I can be an ongoing resource to you - FOR FREE.

We have a lot of great cause marketing conferences in the United States, but none of them are focused on the future of corporate partnerships. That’s what makes May 16th such a great opportunity for corporate fundraisers. Leave it to the Brits to get it right!

I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Neither should you!