Ep165: Retailers Have a New Option. DipJar is a Donation Box for Credit Cards

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Ryder Kessler, CEO of DipJar, a donation box for credit cards that is a major improvement on the traditional coin-fed canister.

Supporters can "dip" to leave a one-step donation with any credit or debit card. You can also review DipJar activity in real time on your smartphone, and change the preset dollar amount whenever you want.

On the show, Megan, Ryder and I discuss:

Ryder Kessler, Dipjar

Ryder Kessler, Dipjar

  • The history of Dipjar. It started as a way to collect tips.
  • Dipjar combines the power of in-person giving with the convenience of credit cards.
  • Why Dipjar switched from tips to donations.
  • All the different types of nonprofits that use Dipjar Nonprofits get real-time information and access to their money.
  • Where you can find Dipjar: 650 locations.
  • The sophisticated anti-theft device on Dipjar: a cord!
  • How Dipjar makes money.
  • Joe's plans for raise money for the JWFL at the Cause Marketing Forum Conference. (Which were quickly squashed by Megan!)
  • What's been the best use of Dipjar? What's been most successful?
  • Unlike most point-of-sale fundraisers, Dipjar will generate a donation receipt on a cardholder's credit card statement.

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