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You Asked. I Listened.

In a survey I did over the summer with my email newsletter subscribers, people overwhelmingly said they needed more help identifying and recruiting corporate partners. As you know, I wrote a whole book on what to do with a business once you've recruited them. But that doesn't seem to be the major challenge for nonprofits. The challenge is landing the business in the first place!

That's why Catalist and I have developed the Partnership Accelerator. The goal is to give you the resources and support you need to identify and recruit business partners for cause marketing programs. 

Three Plans to Choose From


What You Get Each Month

Business Leads

Depending on the plan you choose, you'll get 1, 3 or 6 business leads each month. Here are a few answers to the questions you probably have.

"Where do the leads come from?"

Leads are initially identified and analyzed by Catalist, a matchmaking service that connects good companies with great causes. After they arrive at Selfish Giving I add my own insights and recommendations. Like your favorite drink at your local coffee shop, these leads are hand-crafted with a state-of-the-art process but overseen by a real person who wants you to love the end results! Our leads are full of goodness....and calorie free!

"What can I expect you to tell me about these businesses?"

My goal is to give you a comprehensive profile of the company and how they are currently raising money with nonprofits. Here are some of things we'll cover in our leads.

  • Industry
  • Address
  • Company Description
  • Geographic Scope
  • Revenue
  • Employees
  • Business Structure
  • Products
  • Marketing
  • Consumer Profile
  • Consumer Philanthropic Affinities
  • Recent News
  • Charitable Focus & Programs
  • Notable Nonprofit Partners
  • Funding & Partnership Guidelines

"I work for a local nonprofit in Cleveland, Ohio. Will the leads be tailored to my area?"

Not necessarily. The businesses I'll be profiling will be from all over the country. These businesses could very well be located in Cleveland or Ohio, but they could also be headquartered in Boston or Los Angeles or somewhere else. Not every business will be directly relevant to you, but you'll benefit from knowing about them.

  • Some of these businesses will have stores, branches or satellite offices in your area. For example, Jiffy Lube isn't headquartered in Cleveland, but I bet they have locations there. Will Jiffy Lube franchisees work with local charities like yours? That's what I plan to tell you.
  • Learning about what companies are doing with charities can spark a partnership idea in your local market. I'll help you make these connections. For example, maybe your area doesn't have any Jiffy Lube stores. But what about Meineke or Valvoline Instant Oil Change stores? These companies are in the same fast-lube business as Jiffy Lube. Who are they working with in your local area? What can you learn from Jiffy Lube's fundraising that you could easily adapt to one of these companies? I'll provide these answers!

"What types of businesses will you focus on?"

If you follow my blog you know that my main area of focus is nonprofit and for-profit partnerships that involve checkout fundraisers. So you can expect a lot of profiles on supermarkets, department stores, quick serve restaurants and other businesses that directly serve the public. However, there are plenty of opportunities with business-to-business organizations like real estate, accounting and architectural firms - to name a few. I'll be profiling them as well.

"Can I suggest a company to profile?"

Yes! I will consider all submissions.

Weekly Newsletter

Are you a current subscriber to my newsletter? Do you enjoy the current content you receive each week? You can expect the same outstanding content in this new newsletter! Not a subscriber? Sign up now.

Monthly Online Training

Once a month I'll show you how to identify, recruit and work with business partners. The formats will vary: webinars, interviews, mastermind meetings, blog posts, podcasts, infrographics and workbooks. Regardless of the format, all training will share one thing: a focus on immediate and actionable results. 

Email Support

Business leads are great! But you also need the know-how to approach these prospects. With email support (3x a month for the Leads + plan and 6x a month for the Leads Pro plan) you can communicate with me directly about potential leads and your approach. You can use these emails to:

  • Ask additional questions about the business leads.
  • Share your outreach emails, on which I can give you useful feedback.
  • Suggest ideas to pitch your prospect. What's the best fundraiser for this type of business?
  • Answers to additional "how to" questions (e.g. Do you have an example of a proposal I can use? Do you know someone who can help me draft a contract?).

Leads + members can expect a response within 24 hours. Leads Pro members will hear back from me within six hours.

You can ask your questions using the form below or just email me at joe@selfishgiving.com. In the subject line, write "Leads + Member" or "Leads Pro Member." That gets you to the front of the line!

Private Facebook Community

All members will have access to my private Facebook community where members can share successes, challenges, insights and questions. Of course, I will be there to help and guide you!

Monthly Coaching Call

Leads Pro members get special access to me during a 30-minute coaching call each month. During this call, we'll discuss your specific business prospects and challenges and develop an action plan for fundraising success. Leads Pro members can schedule a date and time for their monthly call through my online calendar.

Special Rate for Calls (or additional calls if you are a Lead Pro member)

For one-to-one access to me via phone, 30-minute calls are $99. You save $50! You can schedule your call here.

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Our Partner

Business leads for the Partnership Accelerator are provided in partnership with Catalist, a company founded by two cause marketing leaders: Maureen Carlson and Brittany Hill. Catalist believes that strong partnerships can change the world. (I agree!) They use smart technology, insightful data and industry expertise to match companies with causes in partnerships that accelerate social change. Learn more about Catalist here.